Spencer's Smile


I spent as much time programming as I did convincing myself that the idea of me becoming a programmer wasn't insane. It wasn't the "becoming a programmer" part that required convincing. It was the "me". I just couldn't see it, couldn't visualize it. The occasional blurry image that emerged looked as laughable as one of your mother breakdancing. In theory, sure, it was possible. Doable. But what in the world is your mother doing breakdancing? Shouldn't she learn a skill that's more ... reasonable? Whatever that means. 

But as ridiculous as that image may be, your mother has every right to pop and lock across the dance floor with a cool, black beanie and a smile dripped in swag. Yet knowing that doesn't take the laughable away. 

Because mothers don't breakdance. 

And people who look like me don't code.