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Little Steps

Did you catch the dramatic moment? No? Probably because there wasn't one.

I am not a tinkerer
Curiosity can drive innovation, but it's not the only driver.

First Day At Thoughtbot
I haven't interacted with this many humans in a long time.

I like plans
I considered that test a failure, and I wasn't ready for it.

I see the stupidity of it so clearly.

Don't Eat The Baby [cartoon]
This conversation actually happened.

#TIL: Why's my site so damn slow
Because there are actual metrics involved, something I can point to and say, “Well that sucks. And it sucks by 7.8 seconds.”

Floodgates of Assholery: My Experience Speaking at RailsConf
You can test the waters, try a joke, see if they laugh, drop an f-bomb, see if they cringe.

Test Driven Development Minus Domain Knowledge Equals Pain
... why is testing so damn hard when everyone swears by it? ...

What Would Aldric Think?
It was the first of many face palms. But more importantly, it brought a lot of tangibility to the programming mantra we'd accepted...

Need For Speed
...which is clearly a challenge. That I have yet to win...

Demons and CFPs
Because it’s not about the fucking proposal. It’s about fucking proposing.

Scott the TA
I guess now is a good time to tell you how incredible you are.

How I Accidentally Learned About Single Table Inheritance
My biggest goal wasn’t writing well designed code on the first go -- it was being able to recognize when the design of my code was headed in the wrong direction.

There was an average of 1 computer-punching-moment per hour.

Patterns, Peeing & Interpolation #TIL
The thing I've been kicking under the table is not the table leg. It's Alex.

Reflections on “The Top 10 Reasons the Ruby Programming Language Sucks”
My value is not in how well I derive meaning, but how well I create it.

Spencer's Smile
I spent as much time programming as I did convincing myself that the idea of me becoming a programmer wasn't insane.