Scott the TA

You've come up in a few conversations recently.

Something along the lines of ...

"You know Scott?"

"Flatiron TA Scott?"

"Yea, Scott Reynolds!"

"Aw man, he's the best."

So I guess now is a good time to tell you how incredible you are. How much I appreciate you as a teacher and a mentor, especially in those final, stressful, css-hating, chocolate-cake-filled weeks of school. 

I still tell people how you spent three hours with me explaining sessions and cookies, because I just couldn’t let it go. Because I’m one of those really annoying, super-selfish learners who just has to get to the bottom of things. And instead of brushing me aside and telling me not to worry about it, you wrote out the code in Rack middleware and walked me through it line by line until it finally made sense. 

And in that final week before the science fair, I needed to hear I was going to be fine as many times as you told me. I needed someone to hear my rants about css. And I needed someone to just checkin with a smile and a bit.

But I guess that blog post you wrote caught me off guard -- to see the comedian-programmer do some serious reflecting on a topic that takes up too much of my own mental space. It was beautiful. And thoughtful. And made my heart smile. Thank you for caring enough to think about it. And thank you for sharing those thoughts with us.

It’s unfortunate we’re the only Flatiron class to be taught by you, but I’m happy you’re pursuing your dreams. Thank you for helping me pursue mine.

All the love,